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The Kilo

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*** AUGUST DEAL *** To celebrate our new super-awesome-fully-compostable Kilo packaging, we're offering a FREE Chalk Cartel Logo Brush with every Kilo order through the month of August! Just add a Kilo and a Brush to your cart and use code KILOBRUSH at checkout to get the brush for free! 

Have the cold sweats? Worried about running out of chalk? Buy in bulk and save some cash! Purchase a Kilo (1kg/35.28oz) of Guerrilla Grind and say goodbye to your withdrawal pangs. Plus, this qualifies your order for free shipping!

  • Highest quality and purity chalk available on the market
  • Free of drying agents, fillers, heavy metals and bogus proprietary claims
  • Long lasting, improves friction by reducing sweat and moisture
  • Mix of powder and chunks, ready to add to your chalk bag
  • Developed by climbers for climbers
  • Eco-friendly packaging that is good for the environment: The Half Kilo bags are made in the USA and are fully compostable!
  • Net weight 1kg/35.28oz packaged in two individually wrapped Half Kilo bags

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