Chalk Cartel chalk has quickly skyrocketed to the top of my list! I used to hate chunky chalk because it never seemed to stick to my hands the way I wanted it to, but there’s something magical about the way these nuggets perform. It goes from a chunky coarse chalk, to a fine powder that seemingly lasts an entire, long boulder sequence. You definitely get what you pay for, I would recommend this to anyone! 

> Andres Arriaga - Vista, CA

Chalk Cartel might sound like a clandestine source for the white stuff, but the reality is, these guys provide a super high quality and consistent product that impresses our members especially for the price. As a gym owner, I also like supporting companies who are transparent and socially and environmentally conscious. Chalk Cartel checks all those boxes without any pomp or circumstance. 

> Nate - The Arch Project Climbing Center, Waipahu, HI

You'll chalk up. You'll send. And then there is no turning back....the [Chalk] Cartel is for life.

> Hunter Damiani - Boulder, CO

Some people say chalk is all the same. I think they are dead wrong. After climbing and hang board testing a lot of different chalks I feel that Chalk Cartel is as good as it gets. Drier and at the same time stickier makes a difference.

> Dan Hare - Boulder, CO

Best on the market at a great price. Not like the other brands which are all fluff and hype! I don't care about fancy packaging, just give me quality product. 

> Ben R. - Albuquerque, NM

Working with Chalk Cartel has been a breath of fresh air in the climbing industry. As a gym owner, and avid climber of 25+ years, I love everything about this product.

Their packaging is environmentally conscious; I love that Chalk Cartel thought about their impact on the earth before releasing a new product. Everything about the packaging is made from recycled materials, and can be recycled when you are done. The chalk itself has a perfect “grit” feel to it…..even on the hotter days of southwestern desert climbing. I know I can dump a quarter into my bucket and I will be set for several sessions of bouldering.
This is the best chalk product on the market. 

> Joe Czerwinski - Focus Climbing Center, Mesa, AZ