MOJO Skin Repair Stick

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Healthy skin is an essential part of your natural equipment. Let's face it, while our skin regenerates itself, it often takes a long time and forces us to skip workouts or suffer with skin pain and compromised performance.

With MOJO you can shorten this process and kick-start your body's natural healing process. MOJO is an intensive repair balm that soothes, hydrates and rebuilds your skin by promoting cell growth. We recommend applying it to your hands after each climbing session to provide instant cooling relief and prevent the cracking and splitting that comes from over-dry skin.


  • Accelerates skin regeneration with highly concentrated, effective all-natural ingredients not found in many other skin repair brands, including benzoin tincture, Asiatic spark, calendula and shea butter.
  • Intensive healing with a light feel: MOJO combines rice wax with beeswax, creating a fast-absorbing layer, while retaining all the protective properties of beeswax. No need to stress about oily-feeling hands!
  • 100% natural formula contains NO silicones, sulfates, parabens, petroleum derivatives or chemical compounds.
  • Sustainable packaging: MOJO's plastic-free applicator is made of sturdy recycled cardboard.

Made by the skin care experts at CRUX in Spain, MOJO is another amazing product you should add to your skin care arsenal. Pair MOJO with your TACO Skin Sander to maintain a healthy skin care routine ... because healthy skin = happy climbing!

Volume: 25ml