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Answers to your Questions.

Quality.Our rock climbing chalk is high quality, high content magnesium carbonate, direct from the source with no fillers or additives.

Price. You’ll pay 30% less for our performance chalk than other luxury brands.

Sustainable Packaging. Our kraft paper bags are made of 100% recycled materials, and the entire package is 100% recyclable.

Prize in Every Bag. Every Quarter bag of chalk includes at least one prize – a temporary tattoo, a sticker, or even a special “grander prize” from one of our prize partners, like a pair of climbing shoes, a crash pad or gift certificates for clothing, gear and more.

Despite what the word has come to represent, historically cartel was defined as a coalition or cooperative arrangement between political parties intended to promote a mutual interest. We’re not a political party, but we are a growing family with the goals of bringing people together and serving a mutual interest. By supporting our brand you become part of our family, thus strengthening our efforts to provide great products at honest prices and to advocate for our community and our natural environment.

No more addictive than climbing. For some of us, that’s pretty serious.

What? Guerrilla filmmaking refers to a form of independent filmmaking characterized by low budgets, skeleton crews and simple props. Independent filmmakers often use this tactic when they don’t have a big budget or to avoid obtaining filming permits. Ultimately these filmmakers produce some of the best artistic work out there. Watch our website and social media for some pretty awesome guerrilla film work.

See above. The same rules apply.

You might. We have. But probably only if you’re transporting large quantities of our product. And rest assured, your Quarter bags are filled with a legal substance.

C.I.R.O. is the Chalk Importation Regulation Officer. C.I.R.O. is responsible for ensuring that the chalk in your bag is pure, uncut and conforms to the highest global raw materials quality standards.

All sales are final, no refunds unless we have made a mistake.

Yes! Find a store near you, and let us know if you’d like to see our rock climbing chalk in a gym or shop that isn’t on the list.

We are currently shipping orders to US addresses only. Please see our locations page to see a list of our international distributors.

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