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About Us

Our Mission

Make high quality rock climbing chalk available to climbers at an honest price. Use packaging that is sustainable and healthy for our natural environment. Put consumers first.

Our Story

Chalk Cartel was established to meet the demand for high performance climbing chalk at a competitive price; we bring high quality chalk to you directly from the source. Chalk Cartel is committed to building a unique counter-cultural brand that supports independent thinking and climbing lifestyle.

Our Chalk

We know by now that all rock climbing chalk is not created equal. We made an amazing grind!“ our Guerrilla Grind, the perfect sticky mix of small chunks and fine powder, some say it's addictive!

If you have a good thing, don't mess with it. Our chalk comes to us as high content magnesium carbonate. We don't add fillers, extra drying agents (that's what magnesium carbonate does), essential oils (oiling your skin before you climb??) or anything else.

Our Packaging

We won't be yet another company that packages consumable products using unsustainable materials. We explore innovative packaging options that contribute to the preservation of our planet. Our Quarter bags are made from: 100% recycled natural kraft paper; the bag, liner, tin tie, tape seal and water-based ink are 100% recyclable. Pack it in, pack it out, recycle.

Chalk Cartel Retail Community Commitment

Chalk Cartel is committed to the success of climbing gyms, co-ops, collegiate pro shops and independent outdoor stores. We support our retailers by committing to not undercut them by selling our chalk for less online. The honest prices you see on our website are the honest prices you'll pay in your local shop.

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